Jazz guitar tuition

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Jazz guitar

My online tuition is geared towards intermediate to advanced players who are looking to get into jazz guitar. We will take a deeper look into fretboard harmony and open doors that will help you improvise and create music in your own way. Covering topics such as; improvisation, modes, arpeggio based improvisation, be-bop vocabulary, chord extensions, learning the fretboard, creative comping. If you have any question or one two get in touch for a lesson the please fill in the contact form here or email me at sam-plackett@hotmail.co.uk

Guitar Tuition

As well as being a jazz specialist I have taught hundreds of students with a complete mix of abilities (many from complete beginner). I have taught at many schools and have worked with children ages 8 onwards. If you want to get in touch for beginner lessons for yourself or your child please get in touch here or email me at sam-plackett@hotmail.co.uk