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A recent addition to the London jazz scene, Sam Plackett is a young and inventive jazz guitarist. His musical influences are broad, drawing from contemporary jazz guitarists such as Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny and John Schofield. Plackett's improvisational language pays homage to the great jazz improvisers, taking notable influence from Hank Mobley, Sonny Rollins, and Pat Martino.  

In 2018 Plackett released his first EP, Fresh Takes, with organist Mike Gorman and drummer Tom Jiggins. He later joined a quartet with saxophonist Frank Sebastian Weatherly, drummer Darren Hambling and bassist Jack Monck (know for his work with Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd). He worked closely with this project between 2019 - 2022. In 2022 Plackett and Hambling went on to form The Unlikely Descent, an organ trio featuring Pete Whittaker. The project came to a close after the tragic loss of Darren Hambling. Together they had produced an album, which was later released as 'The Shadow Of Your Smile'. 


Plackett gained opportunities to study with a number of top figures on the international jazz scene, he has been a guitar student of Jonathan Kreisberg and Phil Robson, and performed in masterclasses with Dave Holland (former bassist for Miles Davis). Plackett is an alumni of several leading jazz education programs; Trinity Laban, junior Royal Academy of Music, National Youth Jazz Collective, and MDX jazz program (where he graduated with Hons). 

Plackett is currently performing in a trio alongside bassist Oscar Ho and drummer Manuel Filgueiras. The Sam Plackett Trio perform standards and original compositions. Improvisation and creative interplay are central to this ensemble's unique voice. He is also working as a sideman with vocalist/lyricist Rebecca Tommasi and has regular collaborations with guitarist Tom Remon. 

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